The Team

The Team behind Jaipur City Post

Jaipur City Post is powered by a tiny band of bloggers spread across the city, who take to their keyboards with a vengeance as and when time permits to keep the world informed of everything that makes Jaipur, the city beautiful.

Care to Serve Jaipur with Love, to the world?

JCP is always open to contributions from souls who consider Jaipur a part of their lives, and would love to hear as many varied perspectives and takes on our city, the 7th best place to visit in Asia.

You could either write to us using our Contact Form or mail us directly at


4 thoughts on “The Team

  1. your blog is quite interesting and shows jaipur in a very different light….I have never come across such powerful way till now in any medium. I think you should continue with this on regular basis. The most interesting parts are hiking around jaipur, which are quite unique. please keep posting.

    • Thanks M J!
      We are putting our best efforts to bring new and unique stories about Jaipur everyday. Keep visiting. 🙂

  2. hi! your blog is really nice and informative presenting city from different angles. but lately not much posts?
    can we also contribute to your blog? and how can we do it?

    • Yes ofcourse you can contribute too. Let us know what you would like to write about.
      From our end, we are soon coming up with new posts.

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