Chandlai Lake | Bird Watching

Drowning into the essence of Chandlai, as we did earlier, there’s so much more to just the serene lake, swaying trees and smooth sand out there. Sometimes happiness is just trying to get as close as we can without disturbing the majestic birds and scan each of their vibrant colours with the binoculars and spotting-scope.

The Chandlai lake of Jaipur itself is quite scenic with the dry forests and hills ringing around it. The water appears to be monsoon run-off from the forested hills and it is unpolluted.

And there are lots of birds. Flocks of geese, ducks, waders, storks and the kind!

Chandlai Lake on the outskirts of Jaipur witnesses different species of birds during the winter months, specially November-December. The star fascination here are the Flamingos that come here to eat the particular sort of green algae that develops in these waters called Spirullina which is a rich wellspring of protein.

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If you are a staunch ornithologist and bird-lover, here is a list of birds that you might be spot in the winters.

  1. Bar-Headed Goose
  2. Common Shelduck
  3. Shoveler Duck
  4. Common Teal
  5. Northern Pintail
  6. Little Grebe
  7. Flamingo Greater
  8. Flamingo Lesser
  9. Indian Pond Heron
  10. Grey Heron
  11. Cattle Egret
  12. Great White Pelican
  13. Little Cormorant
  14. Black Kite
  15. Shikra
  16. Little Ringed Plover
  17. Kentish Plover
  18. Common Sandpiper
  19. Eurasian Curlew
  20. Black Tailed Godwit
  21. Pied Avocet
  22. White Wagtail
  23. Yellow Wagtail
  24. Grey Wagtail
  25. Forest Wagtail
  26. Common moorhen
  27. Large Grey Babbler
  28. Lesser Whitethroat
  29. Black Drongo
  30. Common Myna
  31. Black Winged Stilt
  32. Red Wattled lapwing
  33. Bank Myna
  34. Asian Pied Myna
  35. Eurasian Collared Dove
  36. Common Pegion
  37. House Crow
  38. Rufous Treepie
  39. Common Tailorbird
  40. Oriental magpie robin
  41. Red Vented Bulbul
  42. Laughing Dove
  43. Pond Heron
  44. Spotbill Duck
  45. Rose ringed pride /Parakeet
  46. Indian Cormorant
  47. Baya Weaver
  48. Darter
  49. Dusky Crag Martin
  50. Little Egret
  51. Intermediate Egret
  52. Indian Peafowl
  53. Green Sandpiper
  54. Brahminy Mynah
  55. Grey Francolin
  56. Ashy Prenia
  57. Jungle Babbler
  58. White Throated Kingfisher
  59. Black Crowned Night Heron
  60. Common Tailorbird
  61. Black Kite
  62. Great Cormorant
  63. Spoonbill
  64. Indian Robin
  65. Jungle Prinia
  66. Rosy Starling
  67. Asian Starling
  68. Northern Shoveler
  69. Indian Roller
  70. Rock Pigeon
  71. Spotted Dove
  72. Common Coot
  73. Common Snip
  74. Common Redshank
  75. Marsh Sandpiper
  76. Little Stint

Sometimes it’s the nature’s solitude that you crave for, away from the clichéd city life.  The surroundings with blue-green shaded hues, the birds with their sounds and chirps and the several other species. Come around to Chandlai, open your horizons to the beauty of nature.


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