Chandlai Lake – No mirage

A desire crept in me, to write a little poetry. A little poetry to describe indescribable beauty.

I opened my eyes and looked at my feet, where it stood in something like a curving beach, with cracked sand and each grain telling a story of its own.


I look away, and at a distance, a strange infatuation seems to grace up the liberating dawn.  Yes, the lake, it tethered me to itself, where I could fish for a swarm of smiles. At sunrise, at sunset, you beheld the same, blissful symphony, wanting me to come to you again, again.


With the opulent history that India carries, we often miss out on some historical facts which are over-shone by the better known ones. Surprisingly, Chandlai Lake is one of them.

Not known to many, but a community comprised of ‘Jatt’ people, who reigned the traditional agriculture in Northern India. They are an epitome of one of such communities which embraced multi-religious backgrounds, co-existed and provided an insight for communal harmony.

A Jat chieftain ‘Chandla’ founded the Chandla village in the Tonk district of Rajasthan, India. Chandla was the ruler of Tonk then. He got a pond constructed near the village in the name of his daughter ‘Bhala’ and put an inscription on it in 1027 (970 AD). During this period Rajasthan was ruled by a large number of small republics. The Chandla lake is situated in a 20 miles radius from Chandlai village.

Chandlai, often called the ‘hidden lake’ is a 10-minute drive from Sitapura in Jaipur and 2km away from Kota-Jaipur Highway. This place invites you to its natural refreshing and soothing breeze. Feeling happy, sad, peaceful or a bag of mixed emotions, Chandlai lake is a spot to be.

This lake is a most-loved scenic spot for several migratory birds too. The common VIPs that give it a tour are exotic breeds and also several locale bird species love the upbeat atmosphere. A special type of algae grows exuberantly on the Chandlai soil, which serves as an amazing appetite to the birds.

Ask me the best time to be here? Surely during the monsoons or the chilly winters, admiring the resplendent sun or the hatchery of stars on the night sky.

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