Galta Tower Walk


Walks make your lives seemingly delightful especially when you reach your final destination.

And here’s something close to a sonnet, that one would divinely describe a walk, a Galta Tower Walk.

Into the nature I flow
Out of this world
This beauty unfurls
I impearl
I uncurl
While I give it a whirl
Here in blessed nature
I regain my good posture
No demeanor
No intervener
Just me and God and his cure

After accomplishing a beautiful Galta Ji Walk, a next on the bucket list would be the serene Galta Tower Journey.

You’d be dealing with a road ramification, which this time you should necessarily take a left, leading you to Galta Tower.


What’s unique about this walk is that the now dry and deserted sidewalks were once fully-fledged, water logging water valleys, probably used as a source of water by people in ancient times. As you walk up the hill from Galta Gate passing the Sun Temple you would come at a crossroad. Just remember to take left for this tower. By the way, you would not regret a right turn too as it will led you to Aamagarh Fort.


The crossroad.

An early morning walk or a walk at dusk is the best experience you could derive out of this. A frigid and cold-biting winter would just add some extra flavor to the experience and also a misty elevated and lofty view.

On your sweet journey, you’d encounter few people who follow this walk as their daily routine, which involves the humble and delightful hobby of feeding the hungry pigeons.

This unexplored and unseen part of Jaipur and even India ends its destination after a glorious trip of green boulevards on a magnificent Galta tower.


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