Mansa Mata Temple


“From the unreal lead us to the real,
From darkness lead us to the light,
From death unto immortality”

… And this is a gospel that the Hindu community preaches.

Religiousness or Religiosity is not all about indexing oneself to mere dedication to religious doctrines and matters. What people fail to realize is that a temple is not a mere abode of proclaimed Gods that they worship, it is the place which awakens the supreme positivity!

One such promising yet a lesser known place that vows to create a healthier, more vibrant and flourishing life is the Mansa Mata Temple. One of the oldest temples in Jaipur that has seen numerous empires cross by, which has seen Amer from its infancy to senility.

By the guiding of goddess Shakti, a manifestation of mother goddess, this tiny-dot temple is much older than the world famous opulent Amer Palace. The temple is crowned with the Jaigarh Fort is a palatial structure perched on a cliff, surrounded by plush greenery and massive battlements which used to be the royal family’s escapade. One’s mere presence in the temple, thrives a holistic experience, resonating in your soul completely. And be aware, hide all your bananas, as you come across some overly-friendly and overly-enthusiastic clan of monkeys wandering out the temple!

The temple is not much of a medieval architectural brilliance but is shrine of great worship. The pujaris who attend the temple dedicatedly are of Bengali descent. The temple and its activities in whole is taken care by a tiny clan and the supervision, protection is in the hands of Jaipur Forest Department. On making your way to Mansa Mata temple, keep your eyes wide for some lovely plant nurseries if you happen to be a garden lover.

Mansa Mata Temple once upon a time used to be a symbol of pride for the town. But over the years, this has been lost in its own fame, making it a task to rediscover and rekindle the greatness of this structure.

If you’re on your way to Kanak Ghati for a short sweet picnic, do not miss to stop by to catch a vista at the Mansa Mata temple for some extra luck!

Spotting the temple…


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