Exploring Jaipur | Lal Dungri


It has been over decades that probably every piece of green earth has been lined with lifeless silhouettes of dull and gloomy cemented towers. Maintaining a vintage architecture is extremely dear. But priorities over urbanization stand first for everything. So is the one above?

After taking you virtually through Galta Ji and Aamagarh Fort, not far is place that you should never miss to pay a visit in Jaipur. We see that the marvelous stride to Galta is situated between two valleys, and on one top of the hill we find we find Lal dungri graciously situated.

Ancient history always portrays flourishing empires associated with disobedience. Thefts were growing in the Amer kingdom and the dacoits were intolerably dangerous. The courageous dacoits settled within hidden gatherings among these valleys in those days. Lal Dungri was one of them. It’s extremely interesting to see even the remains of this today with pictorial forms of their views and plans. Probably an archeological art today but it always represents some of India’s ancient existing history.

Not known to many, but the sight at Lal Dungri is extremely sublime. Perseverance followed by a fruitful experience is exactly what one can experience here. The surroundings are inhabited by wild animals especially the royal leopards. The inhabitants are often seen collecting wood and logs from this place.

The walk to Lal Dungri is excruciatingly steep. It surely isn’t meant for the weak and injured. A trek on this hill is pathless journey where with time; we see a path created by the trekkers. Lal-Dungri venture is not an easy-going one. However, the ultimate bliss one achieves when they reach the top of the hill is an assured ecstasy. All the hard work is paid off when you experience the cool wind breezing through your face.

The legends on the fort are lost with time. It is said that the dacoits of Amer’s times raised this fort and kept this as their treasure hub and distribution center. The entrance to the fort is indistinct and destroyed. The fort also captures really interesting pictography, summarizing rich Jaipurian history.


Lal Dungri was on the outskirts of the ruling thrones then but today we see it as a part of the Jaipur City. The vision at Lal Dungri amazes me, and I’m sure you’d be amazed too.


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