Exploring Jaipur | Aamagarh Fort

Jaipur is not all about pretty red-stoned and marble palaces with intricacy. It is also about these peaceful walks and structures which are far away and lucky from the intense limelight and fame. And its hidden beauty is probably a blessing in disguise to preserve its sanctity.


Ever been awe-struck by gazing off into the ENTIRE city? Having the wide horizon gauged just by a pair of your eyes? Exploring to the fort near the sun temple in Jaipur something you should do!

The venture starts from the series of expeditions mentioned earlier. However, at Galta ji, you could be decisive in picking your journey to the famous Sun Temple by picking the way straight ahead.

Aamagarh Fort, unlike the rest of Jaipur’s forts, has been shadowed under the realms of nature. The fort is barren and rock-sculpted and colossal. But to God’s grace, the fort is under the care of a diligent couple living in a tiny room provided by the fort itself.  This retired pair, are committed to this work and are one of a kind. They spend time regularly attending the temples, cleaning and maintaining the surroundings, feeding the lonely birds and animals out in the nature. Adjacent to the fort, we see a step well which has abundant water throughout the year.

Ever plan to go out for a liberating trip? Plan one to this fort near the Sun temple – Aamagarh Fort.

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