Exploring Jaipur | Chulgiri Temple via stairs

What’s it about Chulgiri that would tempt you to pay a visit?

A fine landscape is like a piece of music, beautiful and blissful. And the Sanctum Place of Jainese Chulgiri, a heavenly place is encompassed by Aravali ranges is one such scenic landscape. About 18 kilometers from Jaipur, Chulgiri, a famous Jain Digambara Temple is perched on top of the North end of the Jhalana Range. Though it has a motorable road but a walk up the stairs is also pretty exciting. The climb up to the temple can be tiring but the views of the surrounding forests from the top can be worth the effort. Especially in rains when the trees turn completely green the views are breathtaking.

Chulgiri Kshetra is situated in the laps of Satpura mountain range. A holistic trek down its green vegetation is rejuvenating and shakes off all the negative vibes. The main temple consists of a magnificent tall idol of Mahaveer Swami carved out in one white stone. Before the stupendous model, you shall feel the god-like presence. The structural art & style of this idol is unique and it is in perfect proportion. The Chulgiri temple is also situated on the Hilltop & this temple is also called as Siddha Bhoomi. It is said that Ravana’s son Indrajeet and Kumbhakaran have visited these temples for emancipation and self-meditation.

Chulgiri Temple, Jaipur

So, when is the best time to land in Chulgiri?

It is an absolute NO NO to go for a Chulgiri walk during Summer, unless it is very early morning. To enjoy the aerial view of the entire city, Moderate climate is the best time. However, in the month of May a significant occasion (celebration) is sorted out here in the same way a huge celebration named was Panch Kalyanak was composed in May 1982. Thousands of people come for this annual gathering. Jaipur is called ‘Choti Kaashi’, as temples are located at every nook and corner of the city, trekking trails lead to one religious precinct or another. There are 11 temples on the Chulgiri hill and 19 at the bottom. An alternate vacation destination point is Ghat ki ghuni burrow which goes ahead the best approach to Chulgiri. This shaft is approximately 885 m long and it was initiated by Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on twentieth January 2013.

Why Chulgiri pulls you into its realm!

The Chulgiri has different picturesque perspectives. With Ghat ki Guni tunnel on one end and the open view of Agra Road and civilisation around it, the climb up the temple are all that could possibly be needed to leave you wonder-struck. That is the reason numerous individuals come here for outing for the most part on weekends. So, come around, gander some lovely photographs, awaken the religiosity in you, get close with nature, gather wonderful souvenirs and make memories, here in Jaipur.

View of Jaipur from Chulgiri Temple


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