Band Procession | Sounds of Jaipur

Warning: You might need to lower the volume of your speakers.

Every year in the festival of Gangaur and from 2014 Teej also, the idol of Gauri or Parvati (wife of Lord Shiva) is bought out from the temple with a procession. People gather on the streets of old Jaipur city to witness the moving celebrations and listen to the sound of the three most popular bands. But what most people do not know is that you can listen to the bands play some amazing music before the procession starts from Tripolia Gate. While the palki, of the Goddess Parvati, is being decorated with flowers and ornaments in the background, Sunder Band, Teej Band and Jea Band take turns to orchestrate some classic songs from old movies of hindi films. We recorded some of the best performances by our favourite band Jea Band. Listen and comment.

JCP TIP: Next time you visit the occasion instead of climbing the balconies walk straight in the gate adjacent to the Tripolia Gate. For identification, the gate has a board of Poorima Handicrafts.

If you got inspired to hear the original songs, here are they…




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