Badal Mahal

Jaipur is so rich in its culture and history that even after three years of exploration we are still discovering new places. Recently, we got access to another astonishing structure of Jaipur, called Badal Mahal (Palace of Clouds).

Royal blue colored walls replicating the blue skies at Badal Mahal, Jaipur

Badal Mahal is one of the oldest structures of Jaipur which used to be a hunting pavilion. It stands adjacent to Tal Katora lake and lies towards the north end of the Jai Niwas Garden. The palace is not open for public and hardly anyone knows its historic importance.

However, our JCP team dug deep into the pages of history and found out that during the festival of Gangaur and Teej the king used to conduct his court at Badal Mahal. Infact, in 1876, Sawai Ram Singh chose Badal Mahal as a perfect place to showcase the handicrafts and other art forms of Jaipur for the welcome of his royal guest, Prince of Wales Elbert. The palace was dressed up like a newly wed bride at this occasion.

Eco-friendly toilets at Badal Mahal, Jaipur

We found the toilets to be very interesting here. It seems to have designed to be eco-friendly with minimal usage of water.


Today, one can only imagine the level of activities that would go on here during festivals and how many people it would have taken to illuminate the palace. The royal blue color on the walls would have replicated the blue sky in dark with the reflect of moon light on the waters of the lake.

Bonus fact:
It was this exhibition by Sawai Ram Singh that lead to the esteem Industrial Art Museum in Albert Hall, the foundation stone for which was laid in Ram Niwas Garden by Prince Albert.

How to get to Badal Mahal?


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