Exploring Jaipur | Garh Ganesh to Charan Mandir

Alternate route to Garh Ganesh temple that also leds to Charan Mandir

What is the place about?

Our efforts through the Exploring Jaipur series of posts is to bring to you the best and unseen Jaipur. One such place is the back route that connects Garh Ganesh Temple and Charan Mandir. Both the temples are very famous but apart from the devotees of the temples very few people know about the beauty of the route that connects them.

Garh Ganesh Temple – located on the hill near the Royal Gaitore, was build around 1300 AD and is one of the two very famous Lord Ganesh temple (the other being Moti Dungri). This is the only temple of Lord Ganesh where he is shown as a boy with human head. Otherwise, Lord Ganesh’s statue with trunk as his head is a common to sight around the world.

Charan Mandir (Temple) – located on the main road to Nahargarh Fort, is a very frequent visited temple by the devotees of Shri Krishna. It is said that the footprints of Shri Krishna was naturally engraved here.

Where is the place?

The location of the route passes through the valley created by the Aravalli Hills. The route starts when one takes right (instead of left) from the back staircase of Garh Ganesh temple.

Alternate route connecting Garh Ganesh temple and Charan Mandir

What is there to do?

Walk. Explore. Click.

Walking on the paved narrow lane that makes the route one gets to see a completely different angle of Jaipur. Something few people get to see. The route will take you down the hill from Garh Ganesh and up again to reach Charan Mandir. So, it offers to be a good health test specially after climbing up 365 steps to reach Garh Ganesh temple in the first place.

Why is the place special?

The thing that makes this place special is that it offers some exquisite view of Jal Mahal, the Aravalli hills and the valley. Of course, not to forget the spectacular views that of the city from the hill top of the Garh Ganesh Temple and the uninhabited land on the other side of the city from Charan Mandir.

What is the best time to visit the place?

Early mornings. It is recommended to start the climb up the Garh Ganesh temple by 5:30am so that when walking on the actual route one gets to see the sunrise. Avoid this in summers.

Aravali Hills while crossing alternate route that connects Garh Ganesh and Charan Mandir


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