Interaction with Dr Manoj Nitharwal | Jaipur Talks

Interaction with Dr. Manoj Nitharwal at Jaipur Talks

Challenges of an Urban Society – Can we make the difference?

According to WHO, depression and anxiety are on their way to become the biggest burden on health, surpassing all other physical ailments. With only 4000 Psychiatrists for a population of 1.2 billion, India is facing a ticking time bomb. Dr Manoj Nitharwal, MRCPsych, London, will be sharing his thoughts on “Challenges of an urban society – can we make a difference?” in the upcoming Jaipur Talks. The topic is very relevant for rapidly urbanizing India where new social support systems and coping mechanisms are yet to take root and traditional support systems are wanting and inadequate, leading to acute emotional and mental stress. How this phenomenon is particularly impacting the youth, women, elderly, and urban poor? Dr. Manoj Nitharwal at Jaipur Talks A budding filmmaker from the prestigious Film and Television Institute of India, Pune and a published poet, Dr. Manoj Nitharwal is also a trained psychiatrist from Imperial College, London. While practicing in London he has been particularly interested in the causes and management of complex personality disorders, Treatment resistant depression and anxiety, Psychotherapy, Migration and Mental Health and interface of Art and Psychiatry. As a film maker he is inclined to explore the ideas of existentialism in modern times, lives of people at the fringe and criminals and criminality. His background in psychiatry allows him to explore deepest human motivations like no other. The Talk will be followed by a short movie screening by Dr. Manoj Nitharwal.

Venue: BAG Library Store, Basement, Jajoo towers, Hawa Sadak, Jaipur

Date: Thursday, 22nd August, 2013

Time: 6 pm sharp

Call Subhadra 9413333670 to confirm your presence.

Check the Facebook event page

Where is BAG Store?

Update 23rd August, 2013

The talk was focused around one of the main challenges in urban India today – loneliness. India is aspiring to transform itself from being a community oriented state to be more of a western model of cities and individuality. Dr. Manoj Nitharwal talked about the changes that people are facing due to this transition in the lifestyle. He says that more and more Indians are being diagnosed with depression and other urban aliments which were unheard of in India before the rapid urbanisation mostly in the 21st century. He also talked about the over dependency on the recent online phenomenon called the social networking. Dr. Nitharwal is of the opinion that there should be a space for the facebooks and the twitters in our life but to think that it is a perfect substitute for the our real (offline) social life and devoting more time to it is wrong.

After the talk, people questioned Dr. Nitharwal and there was interactions about varied topics relating to the problems and solutions that people can derive out of the space they are currently living in. The talk ended with the Dr. Nitharwal’s short film screening. It was much appreciated.



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