Exploring Jaipur | Kukas Mountain Climb

Kukas Mountains and Forest

What is the place all about?
This off-road place is like a mini-jungle (penetrable) near Jaipur. Actually, the exact name of the place is Khurad but since Kukas is more popular one could call it that.

Where is the place?
Take a left turn near Kukas crossing (opposite Kukas Road, Le Meridien Hotel) on the Delhi-Jaipur Highway and take the straight muddy way till it ends. The place is near Dera Amer.
Take this left from the highway
Way to Kukas Mountains and jungle
What is there to do?
The place is worth exploring by foot. There are narrow pathways that are created by villagers around the area. One can follow them to reach the summit of the hill in the area. The jungle never gets dense at any point but the path does get a bit challenging because of the thorny trees and bushes along side it.

Why is this place special?
A great place to get away from the city. While walking through the jungle, the quietness and beauty of the place gives an amazing feeling.

What is the time to visit the place?
The best time to visit the place is in the early mornings, preferably in rainy season. One should start the walk by 5:45am, just when there is some light in the sky. Do carry some water with you.
Kukas, Jaipur


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