Exploring Jaipur | Kheri Gate Climb

Kheri Gate near Anokhi Museum, Jaipur

What is the place all about?
Kheri Gate (next to Anokhi Museum) is the starting point to a place where you can walk around the beautiful Sagar Lake (behind Amer fort) and climb the walls (with stairs) to get a bird’s eye view of the entire area. But the place where the real climb starts is next to Sagar Lake.

Where is the place?
The red line in the map shows the climb trail.
Kheri Gate Climb, behind Amer Fort, jaipur

What is there to do?
The climb up the 100s of years old staircase is really interesting.
You can park your car in the Amer Fort parking lot and walk to Kheri Gate.

Why is this place special?
More than a great place for exploration for people interested in walking and exercising, the place offers a spectacular view of the place hidden behind the beautiful Amer Fort. This place really exemplifies the real and almost unexplored corners of Jaipur.

What is the time to visit the place?
It is recommended to start the climb from Sagar Lake by around 5:30am because as the Sun takes charge of the day the place will heat up fast.
Sagar lake and Backside of Amer fort, Jaipur


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