Exploring Jaipur | Varahi Gate Climb

Varahi Gate, Jaipur
What is the place all about?
This is the entry point to the climb up to the watch tower on the hill top. The hill is right opposite to the beautiful Amer Fort. The wall along side the stairs and the watch tower were build 100s of years ago for the protection of Amer fort and the town.

Where is the place?
You may park your car at the Amer Fort parking lot. Then walk straight of the Amer Road (towards Kukas) and take the first right turn (you will see some medical shops).
Varahi gate near Amer fort, Jaipur
What is there is do?
If you are up for an early morning climb up the stairs to the hill top, this is the place. The place offers a good cardio workout while moving up the steep stairs. Because of lack of support on one side of the stairs the climb might be a bit challenging for first timers and not regular climbers. But the climb doesn’t become dangerous at any stage. There are enough resting points for people to take a breather whenever they like. The entire climb should around half an hour to complete.

Why is this place special?
Apart from a good morning exercise, the birds eye view of the entire Amer town and Amer fort as we climb up is spectacular. The cool winds at the watch tower is also worth all the efforts.
Amer Fort, from Varahi Gate hill top, Jaipur
What is the time to visit the place?
The climb should start by 5:30am so that by the time you are up on the watch tower one can witness the sunrise.
Varahi Gate watch tower from Amer Fort
Above picture shows how the place looks like from Amer Fort.


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