A trip in Dream Bus | Share a Smile Foundation

Dream Bus, Share A Smile Foundation, Jaipur

Who is organising this Dream Bus event on 9th June, 2013?

This Dream Bus event is organized once in every quarter by the Share A Smile Foundation India (Jaipur) in association with DLL, University of Jaipur.
Share a Smile Foundation, India, is a non-profit organization registered under the trust act. It is a group of young, committed professionals and students who believe in bringing a change within and working as catalysts to bring change in the society. Share A Smile envisions a society that nurtures responsible & sensitive citizens through holistic and innovative modes of learning for young people.

Dream Bus Alumni, Share a Smile Foundation

What is event all about?
Dream Bus is an one/two day learning trip which tries to connect the urban/semi-urban youth to some exceptional change stories of a rural setup. It’s a journey of exploration, sharing, friendships, informal & formal interactions with organizations, and a lot of FuN!!

A batch of 15-20 participants is taken on to a bumpy ride in a cute little Bus. Then the journey begins with a lot of fun, music, games, some sessions & exercises etc. Once they reach the rural setup, they begin the journey of experiencing some of the best works, ideas, innovations, methods, designs and people.. by the evening they come back with probably a lot of questions and a few answers, and the answers for the rest is for them to be imagined and explored.

Where is this bus taking people? What are the learning opportunities?

Barefoot college, Tilonia, near Jaipur

An opportunity to interact with a set of insightful people, a set of skills (from communication to puppetry creation etc.) a more receptive mind-set, some enriching experiences some life-lasting friendships and yes some beautiful memories.


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