Maharaja College in 1906 | Jaipur Public Library Find

While going through the old newspapers in Jaipur Public Library (Chaura Rasta), we discovered this interesting article in The Pioneer’s July 5th, 1906 edition. It gives quite a insight about the conditions of India and its states then.

The last issue of the United Provinces Gazette contains the results of the Entrance examination of the Allahabad University held in April last. The most remarkable feature of the results is the success attained by the Maharaja’s Co’legiate School at Jaipur. No less than eight candidates from this school passed in the first division. The extraordinary nature of the success will be best appreciated in view of the facts that only one other school succeeded in passing more than three candidates in the first division, that all the educational institutions in Allahabad and Agra only contribute three candidates who passed in the first division, and that only one candidate from Aligarh College appears in this division.

Maharaja School, Jaipur


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