Patasi Ram – The hygeinic way for gol gappe

Patasi Ram branding

How would it feel if someone tells you that two students who are still pursuing their MBA degree have started to sell gol gappe on a push cart? Sounds puzzling, isn’t it? Well, you are not alone. Everyone in Mansarovar had the same feeling when a push cart with Patasi Ram rolled into their locality and started to sell the most hygienic gol gappe in Jaipur.

Curious on-lookers welcomed Patasi Ram cart

The first push cart roll into Mansarovar locality

Two young entrepreneurs, Nitin Jain & Aryaman Rathore, soon to be passed out from their post graduate college IIIM, Jaipur have ventured into a unique to its kind business. They are on a mission to not only sell the best gol gappe in the city but also to make the process of making those gol gappe free from any artificial components like tatric acid and other chemicals. Patasi Ram, the brand name under which it will be sold, has been carefully designed to represent their core value – “Quality is our policy”.

USP of Patasi Ram, Gol gappe, Jaipur

Having grown up in the small town of Ajmer, Nitin and Aryaman have a strong understanding of the eating habits of people in this part of the country. On being asked why they used push carts and not a shop for this venture? Aryaman Rathore replies, “The intent to have gol gappe is very spontaneous and impulsive in all of us and for ages small business owners have depended on push carts to tap that fleeting want for gol gappe. We appreciated this behaviour in people and used the same concept a little more professionally.”

The duo also adopted an interesting and innovative marketing strategy. They hired a man to walk around the localities with a balloon back pack with Patasi Ram’s logo illustrated on it. This method of advertising seemed better than a bill board because it’s easier to see an advertisement at an average human height and there is a person spreading awareness about the brand by word of mouth.

The first push cart has been launched at Mansarovar. Going forward, the next target locations are Vaishali Nagar and Raja Park. Do look out for Patasi Ram in these areas and give us the feedback about the taste.

Nitin Jain and Aryaman Rathore, founders of Patasi Ram with the first cart at Mansarovar, Jaipur

Nitin Jain and Aryaman Rathore, founders of Patasi Ram with the first cart at Mansarovar, Jaipur

Currently, you will Patasi Ram’s cart at Meera Marg, Mansarovar, Jaipur


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