Mulching with Shammi Nanda | Raja Park

Shammi Nanda, Raja Park, Jaipur

We first met Shammi Nanda at the canteen of Film and Television Institute of India (FTII) in 2010. During those days he was running that canteen serving organic food cooked by him. Shammi, is a very sober, hard working and calm person who lives life organically. Having visited various organic farms in India and gathered diverse experiences on organic farming and related fields, Shammi is currently visiting his hometown, Jaipur for a month to help his venture grow faster.

Shammi, a resident of Raja Park, has grown up playing and flying kites at his favourite Suraj Maiden in his locality. About 5 years back, during the monsoons he along with one more friend, Raman,  planted a mango seed in park. As the seeds turned into small saplings, the waste that can be used for mulching was regularly collected from the neighborhoods and nearby markets and applied to the surface near the saplings. A mixture of cow duck, urine and water called Amrit Jal was also made. This helped the insects in the earth decompose the mulch faster. Much to the surprise of the people in the locality, the saplings grew visibly faster than the plants that didn’t receive the organic mulch. Later, some of Shammi’s other friends joined him and went on planting trees. He left Raja Park after a year only to visit sporadically for brief times. For the last five years the neighbors have adopted those more than hundred trees in the park and are happy for a greener future of their children. They are supported by the gardeners of Suraj Maidan. Recently, Shammi decided to spend almost a month in the park to nourish the plants. He is also applying to other Jaipurites to join-in in the name of Seva and also learn gardening in the process.

To join the Shammi daily at Suraj Maiden visit -> Facebook event page


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