Exploring Jaipur | Royal Gaitor

Royal Gaitor or Gatore ki Chatriyan, Jaipur

What is the place all about?

Royal Gaitor or Gatore Ki Chhatriyan is the royal cenotaph. The place holds a historic significance of the royal family of Jaipur. The cenotaphs are build entirely of marble with some exquisite design and artistry. The center cenotaph of Maharaja Jai Singh II is particularly impressive. The place has been taken over by the royals under the Museum Trust.

Where is the place?

The place is just at the foothills near the Ganesh Temple at Gaitor road.

What is there is do?

The place is a situated away from all the city noise which allows the visitors to relax and sock in the historic importance of the place. There are no sign boards detailing about each cenotaphs so either you can depend on a guide to take you around the place or even better see if you can find an old guy in the Shiva temple inside the cenotaph. He has all the knowledge about the place and he will offer it for free.

Design made out of mable at the cenotaph of Sawai Jai Singh II, Jaipur

Why is this place special?

The place fills ones heart with gratitude towards all the Maharajas who fought with their life for various places of Rajasthan that we live in today. All the cenotaphs are made out of one marble stone each. One can only wonder how a piece of stone can be turned into such an amazing architecture.

What is the time to visit the place?

Preferably towards the evening between 3-5pm.

Cenotaphs of Sawai Man Singh II and his brotheres and son, Jaipur


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