Woman seems to be the favourite subject at Jaipur Art Festival , 2013

The exhibition of all the paintings made by 150 artists gathered at the Jaipur Art Festival, 2013 has been attracting a lot of eye balls since it opened yesterday. The artists were asked to make one or two paintings during the course of the festival from 18th – 22nd March, all of which has been showcased at the gallery of Hotel Diggi Palace for the public.

Going through about 200 paintings hung all in one room, it soon struck me that something was common is most of the paintings. I went back and forth and found out that almost 50 of the 200 odd paintings had woman as the main subject. Whether its a lady dancing, guiding her castles, taking bath, doing her routine household work or simply smelling a flower, they have been captured really well on canvas. It’s amazing how one subject can have so many interpretations.

We have photographed some of the paintings which has woman/en in action.


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