Everybody wins | Jaipur Art Festival, 2013

Unlike the Jaipur Literature Festival, the Jaipur Art Festival (by the same organising team) offered its visitors a must calmer and relaxed environment. Such an environment was welcomed by all the artists in the festival as it is very conducive when one wants to put his/her thoughts on a canvas.

This festival offered a unique opportunity to see the artists actually render their paintings in front of you, talk to them in person, exchange contacts and most of all experience various art techniques all under one umbrella. During my visits to the festival, I observed that the feeling of excitement in a visitor was reciprocated by all the artists also. They were also happy to share their thoughts about why they were using a particular type of canvas, paints, brush and even the subject of the painting. Students from various schools and colleges were the most welcomed guest as they inquired about all the minute details with the artists.

Here some of the photos from the Jaipur Art Festival, 2013.


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