Exploring Jaipur | Lal Dungri near Galta Temple

Hill near Galta Temple

What is this place?
Lal Dungri is rarely travelled hill top filled with ruins of a fort. It offers an interesting opportunity to explore a place which must have been buzzing with people at some time in the history of the city but now lies ignored and lonely.

Where is this place?
The (left) hill beside Galta Temple.

Hill near Galta map

Galta Temple from hill top

What is there to do?
Exploration and relaxation. Its a place where one might go with some enthusiastic friends and just enjoy some time away from the hussle and bussle of the city.

Why is it special?
I think it can be considered one of the best sunrise point of the city. The climb up the hill is really exciting and does get challenging at some spots. However, it doesn’t require a high fitness level. Once you reach the hill top, the view of the city beyond the hills will take your breath away and add to that the fresh air to breath. All these factors makes the place unique and worth exploring.

What is the best time to visit?
Ideally, early mornings. Before sunrise. But don’t climb the hill in dark, its won’t not safe.

Hill near Galta - the other side of the Jaipur


3 thoughts on “Exploring Jaipur | Lal Dungri near Galta Temple

  1. please xplain how to reach there from galta and from which end we should climb? delhi by pass or from sisodia rani temple?

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