Processions to Khatushyamji pass through Jaipur city

Every year around this time of the year thousands of devotees of Shyam baba walk barefoot from different parts of the state to a village in Sikar, Rajasthan called Khatu. Processions of more than 5000 people also crossed Jaipur city today through Badi Chopad. The people of the city welcomed every devotee and provided them with aids like fruits and water.  The whole atmosphere on the streets of Tripolia Bazaar was very devotional with people performing songs and dancing in the pure love for Khatushyamji. Talking to a person managing the movement of one of the procession, I found out that it will take 5 days for them to reach Khatu where they will join all the other devotees at Khatushyamji Ka Lakhi Mela, 2013. Through out the way to the mela, the procession will be greeted by people of different cities and villages who will provide them with free aids. Moreover, a truck at the end of the procession also carries 5 days of ration for the people.


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