Artists Profile | Jaipur Art Festival 2013

Kalyan Joshi

Kalyan Joshi

Started work with father and Guru Shree Shrilal Joshi from childhood at the age of eight years. He experimented Phad Painting with new stories and Contemporary style (Collage) and line drawing . He created picture montages with expert of narrative poetry and he has done experiments with character animation. He is founder of “ANKAN” Kala Sansthan, which served thousands of childrens with phad paintings. During 15 years of span of ANKAN, he even organized 30 exhibitions in Bhilwara.

Lisa Kovvuri

Lisa Kovvuri

devotes herself to portrait and still life painting in her New Hampshire studio.  In recent years she has studied figure painting at Studio Incamminati with Nelson Shanks, still life painting with Sam Vokey, and portrait painting at Ingbretson Studios with ARC master Mary Minifie.  For inspiration she is drawn to painters of the past whose work shows a concern for creating a strong sense of illusion within a compelling visual idea or story.  Jean-Leon Gerome, William McGregor Paxton and other painters of the Boston School, and John Singer Sargent are among her influences.

Arpana Caur

Arpana Caur

a Contemporary Indian Artist was in born 1954. She is a distinguished Indian painter and has been exhibited since 1974 across the globe. Since the beginning of her career Arpana’s main concern has been the girl child, condition of women and growing violence in India. She has been consistently figurative. She also does printmaking.

Leela Bordia

Leela Bordia

is one of India’s leading entrepreneurs. She founded Neerja International in 1978 after visiting local villages around Jaipur to engage in social welfare activities. Having noticed the traditional Blue Pottery work in the villages, she wondered if this art form could be marketed more widely as a way of improving the standard of living of villagers. Begun with four craftsmen, Neerja now runs several blue pottery units that employ more than 500 craftsmen.


Tala Madani

(born 1981 in Tehran) is an artist based in Los Angeles, USA. She is a painter whose recurrent motifs include men, often made vulnerable, which gives the effect of reversing the conventionally objectified female body in painting. Her painting style is loose, incorporating gestural brushstrokes into figurative narrative scenes that often have a bizarre, fetishistic quality to them.


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