Quiz in Jaipur | Tata Crucible Campus 2013

“Sometimes growth happens just out of persistence and no other particular reason.” said Giri Balasubramaniam ‘Pickbrain’, the quizmaster of one of the biggest quiz event in India the Tata Crucible. With an overwhelming 251 teams in Jaipur competing each other for a place in the finals of Tata Crucible campus quiz, no wonder he is right.

Tata Crucible Campus Jaipur crowdWith barely 100 people attending the quiz in its inaugural edition in 2009, five years after Tata Crucible commenced, to see the number grow to 500 people shows the reach and interest of students of the city in knowledge and its rewards. While the crowd was dominated by would be engineers from various colleges of Rajasthan, they were fiercely competed by a good number of management students. Everyone wanted to win the prizes (1st prize -Rs 75,000 and 2nd prize -Rs. 35000) and make their college get noticed, hence the prelims of 20 questions were taken very attentively by all the teams.

The finalists were:

  • ICAI: Bharat and Ms. Chitrangada
  • SCITM: Vishnu Joshi and Dushyant Singh
  • MNIT: Mahendra and Shasank
  • MBM Engineering College: Abhishek Gupta and Akash Sharma
  • LNMIIT: Dheeraj and Nikhil Bhat
  • Amity Business School: Ms. Anuya and Gaurav

The best 6 teams were selected to battle out for the prizes and clear out their road for the zonal and then national finals. However, the finals turned out to be a superhighway for the team from LNM IIT. They dwarfed the efforts of all the other teams on stage scoring a record 105 points in the entire quiz. This is the highest score ever by a college team in Tata Crucible. Others were left to compete for the second prize which was cleverly grabbed by a team from MBM Engineering College, Jodhpur on the last question of the quiz.

Tata Crucible Campus Jaipur scoreboard
Talking to the winning team, they gave credit for their success to the continuous efforts of Jaquizzi (The Jaipur Quiz Club) members to grow the culture of quizzing in Jaipur. “All the previous winners of Tata Crucible Jaipur edition has been members of the quiz club Jaquizzi and I am no different. Being a member for 2 years now, I have learned all about quizzing from interacting with senior members of the club and attending quizzes conducted in the club.” says Dheeraj Yalamanchi.

Paranoid by the sudden increase of people interested in Tata Crucible Jaipur edition (with almost 80% of the crowd attending Tata Crucible for the first time), Giri signed off by taking a promise from all the teams in the auditorium that each team will bring along one more team next year as this way the quizzing culture will increase by 100%.

Tata Crucible Campus Jaipur Winners

Find the questions asked in this quiz -> Jaipur Quiz Club

Watch the 2011 Tata Crucible Quiz held in Jaipur.


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